Seize the Risk.

Summit welcomes a challenge. We know it can be tough to get financing, and we’ll put our expertise to work for you.


Rapid sales growth, business acquisition, sales seasonality, refinance, business turnaround, debtor-in-possession, start-up or early stage companies.


Nationwide sales, underwriting, and funding capabilities.


Accounts receivable, inventory, equipment.

Facility Size:

$100,000 – $4,000,000+

Facility Size: $100,000 – $4,000,000+

Advance Rates


Up to 90% of A/R

Up to 50% of inventory cost

Up to 60% of equipment value

Financing Guidelines

Take a look at our offerings, and find your sweet spot. We offer Invoice Factoring loans from the low 6 figures to 7 figures, plus. From higher reporting to lower risk, and borrowing base to invoice factoring purchase, somewhere on that chart is a loan for your company.

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