Invoice Factoring

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Our core product, Invoice Factoring uses your receivables as collateral, letting you harness the latent cash in your unpaid invoices. We often provide up to 90% advance rates on those invoices, giving you the capital to keep your business in play. When working capital is tight, Invoice Factoring can be a key part of your ongoing cash flow strategy. Summit can loan up to 90% against your invoices, making it easier to pay suppliers, take on new orders, and make payroll.



  • Uses receivables as collateral
  • Up to 90% advance rates
  • Immediate cash flow

Invoice Factoring Guidelines




Up to 90% of A/R

How Invoice Factoring Compares

Financing Guidelines

Take a look at our offerings, and see how we can help. We offer Invoice Factoring loans from the low 6 figures to 7 figures, plus. From higher reporting to lower risk, and borrowing base to invoice factoring purchase, somewhere on that chart is a loan for your company.

How Invoice Factoring Compares

FactoringABLInventoryTermStretchSmall Business Loan
DescriptionReceivables PurchaseBorrowing Base CertificateAdd-on onlyAdd-on onlyStructured Stretch Piece for Growth; Add-on onlyReceivables Purchase
Facility Limits$100,000 – $4,000,000+$100,000 – $4,000,000+Up to $500,000Up to $500,000<$250,000Up to $500,000
Advance RatesUp to 90% of A/RUp to 85% of A/RUp to 50% of Inventory CostUp to 60% of NOLV or 40% of Book Valuen/aUp to 90% of A/R

Industries We Proudly Serve



We factor invoices for companies that build things. If you can make it, we can fund it.

Freight and Trucking

Whether you have a big fleet or just one truck, Summit can factor your invoices faster.

Professional Services

From consultants to staffing to oilfield services, we factor invoices for all types of professional firms.

Distributors and Wholesalers

We’ll factor your invoices faster, so you can get your product from Point A to Point B.

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